Our How We Work Together Principles


At Living Made Easy we like to recognise great work! It is important to us that all of our team understand the important role they play in supporting our service users and that we celebrate our successes and improvements. 

At Living Made Easy we like to keep things simple! Our ‘How We Work Together Principles’ help us all to focus on what is important to us in the work we do ourselves and as part of our team. 


  • We Treat Everyone With Respect                                                                 
  • We Maintain A Good Work Life Balance
  • We Learn From Our Mistakes and Move On                                                 
  •  We Own Our Energy At Work
  • It May Be Work But Let’s Have Fun!                                                                     
  • We Think Outside The Box
  • We Are A Team, We Look After Each Other               
  • We Can Be Relied Upon
  • We Keep Each Other In The Loop                                         
  • We Do What’s Right For Our Service Users

Our Staff are our Success

We are commited to investing in our staff and letting staff know when they have done a great job. That is why we like to hear the great stories of what our staff do each and every day to ‘live’ our How We Work Together Principles

About Living Made Easy 'How We Work Together' Nominations

Due to the nature of the work we do, often great work goes unnoticed. That is why we are happy for staff to nominate themselves or a team member. We would also love it if a service user, family member or community member were to take the time to nominate someone for a job well done!

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Nominate Yourself or another Staff Member or Team


Nominate any Member of the Living Made Easy Team

Each Month we will review the nominations and celebrate individual and team successes

Every Quarter we will celebrate individual and team successes at our Staff Meetings