Support Coordination

You’ve signed up for your NDIS plan. What now? If you are feeling overwhelmed by the process we would recommend you request Support Coordination as part of your plan. You can ask for Support Coordination funding as part of your NDIS plan. Not everyone is funded for it, but anyone can request it. You can suggest as much Support Coordination in your plan as you think you need. The NDIS will assess funding for it on a case-by-case basis.

If your plan has allocated funds for support coordination Living Made Easy can help! Our experienced staff can help you to bring your NDIS Plan to life.

With so many NDIS options and service providers available, it can be difficult to decide which services are right for you – and how to connect to them. This is where we can help. We can support you to put your NDIS plan into action, using your choice of services and providers. As Support Coordinators we are required to provide you with impartial advice.

Living Made Easy’s Support Coordination team can help with:

  • Managing financial resources to obtain the best outcomes from your plan.
  • Liaising with the NDIA to obtain the supports and funding you require. This includes lodging plan reviews when the amount of funding is incorrect or insufficient in your current plan.
  • Choosing services and service providers to realise your plan.
  • Obtaining new specialised and customised equipment, or repairing old equipment using NDIS funding.
  • Getting information on accessing learning, personal development and leisure activities in your area.

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