As an approved Home Care Service Provider for the NDIS, Living Made Easy takes a person-centred approach to support, focusing on abilities and not difficulties. That means offering each person a personalised pathway to suit home and community living potential.

NDIS Core Support In Home and Community Services

NDIS plans provide a self-empowerment framework for individuals with disabilities. We will help maximise the benefits under the NDIS plan by offering personalised advice, flexible in-home care services and pathways to local friendship and skill development networks. Everybody is an individual and every support plan is tailored for personal needs.

Living Made Easy is an approved provider of NDIS support services for individuals with disabilities. We can provide support so you can maintain your independence at home or in the community.

Our service includes personal care, transport care, companionship, meal preparation, house cleaning, nursing care and much more, supporting you to live independant in your own home.

Flexible Visits

24/7 Service & Care

Full time, part time or weekend in-home care.

Qualified and experienced staff.

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Designed For You

Our disability support services range from round-the-clock care to helping someone join in with local leisure activites, providing advice and information on matters like employment, helping someone to live independely for the first time, and increasing individual’s abilities to advocate for themselves. We try to help in any area of a person’s life where they need support. The assistance we provide supports them and helps people to become more independent and grow in confidence to the point where they need less assistance.

It starts with you… At Living Made Easy we don’t have a standard approach. All of our personal home support services start with us spending time to understand you as an individual.

Before we recommend any support services, we would love to have a chat and get to know you. We can also talk to your family, friends or carer. Then we will work with you and make sure that we cover all areas of care and support that you will need.

We can support you with all your individual needs:

  • Arrange appointments
  • Visit neighbours and friends
  • Shopping
  • Monitoring visits
  • Provide light housekeeping
  • Prepare and cook meals
  • Assist with morning/wake up
  • Assist in personal care
  • Medication reminder and clincial care
  • Development of daily living and life skills
  • Community access
  • Participation in social activities and groups
  • Positive behaviour support
  • We are also an approved provider of;
  • Community Nursing
  • Plan Management
  • Support Coordination

Our Aim

Improving the quality of life for individuals with a disability.

Support individuals to gain the skills required to increase independence.

Support individuals to gain stronger friendships and relationships and be better connected to their communities.

Support people in such a way that other people’s attitudes towards people with a disability will change.

Our Staff

Our disability support staff are highly trained and experienced in supporting people to maintain an independent life. Our staff do not wear uniform, which means they ‘fit in’ to your life in a way that is unobtrusive and supportive as possible.

Our person centric approach means that we provide personalised service that suits you, you choose the time and day of care and support you required and you have the choice to choose your preferred staff.

Over time, your needs might change. You may need more or less home care support, or support with different activities. We continuously monitor and review the services we provide to make sure your needs are being met. If, at any time, it does not meet your needs and goals, we can work with you to review support services and make changes that you want.