Control over your NDIS Plan

NDIS Support Budgets

As an NDIS participant you have choice and control over how you manage your NDIS plan.

Your Plan may include-:

  • Informal Supports
  • Community Supports
  • Mainstream Supports
  • Reasonable & Necessary Funded Supports

3 Sections to your NDIS plan-:

Support Budgets

  • Core
    Core Budget – is designed to support you in your day to day needs. It includes personal care – you can choose where these funds are allocated across daily activities, social, community and civic participation and consumables.
  • Capital
    Capital Supports Budget – is for purchasing one off items such as equipment, technology or for home or vehicle modification.
  • Capacity Building
    Capacity Building Budget – is about skill building, training and learning you need to achieve your goals. Funding is allocated across various categories that align to your goals.

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